Ebb & Flow is a Cannabis focused farm located in the sunny, picturesque countryside of the beautiful mountain town of Ashland, Oregon. We practice regenerative and biological growing methods with emphasis on re-mineralizing soil while increasing and balancing biology. We also practice permaculture and incorporate biodynamic methods in the garden. Our long-term farm plan is to design and develop the land with fruit, nut, and fiber trees and plants, perennial vegetables, herbs, flowers, bees, and animals. We believe that increasing diversity within the land, the more healthy and balanced it can become. We also are continually striving to incorporate environmentally sustainable and regenerative methods, products, architecture and designs. 

Our Ebb & Flow motto is “Conscious Cultivation with Sun and Soil ™ ” and we believe that plants grown in living, mineralized soil with sun and love will fully express themselves as they are meant to. Healthy, living soil is fundamental in our approach as this makes for strong plants all around and is crucial for maximum terpene development and expression. We also incorporate companion planting to enhance terpene potential and improve the biosphere in general. We focus on cultivating a diverse variety of terpene rich Cannabis cultivars which are effective, delicious, unique, and aesthetically pleasing. 

A portion of the Cannabis flowers we cultivate are within a greenhouse environment. This allows for supreme quality and allows longer finishing plants to develop fully when less than ideal spring or fall conditions arise. We also utilize our greenhouses for testing and pheno hunting as well as creating new crosses. The cultivars we grow fully outdoors typically have short to moderately short finishing times in order to ensure a successful harvest. 

We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact. We continually focus on incorporating sustainable designs into the land and infrastructure and aspire to implement improvements such as rainwater catchment and natural windbreaks, as well as using cover cropping and mulching. We also have started using only biodegradable and compostable plastics and pre-roll packaging for Ebb & Flow Starfires™