Amy Parscal
Co-Founder, Director of Operations & Soil Science

Amy is a true “renaissance woman” and leader of Ebb & Flow, having skills all over the map. Amy performs the role of a CEO as well as overseeing many elements of the operations. Her formal education includes a BA in Psychology and many certifications in the IT field. She also has a Permaculture design certificate and has studied soil science extensively. She is responsible for soil testing, analyzing and creating soil amending and feeding recipes, as well as an expert in plant health and IPM strategies. She is a problem solver with a high aptitude for learning and implementing plans of action. She is passionate about plants and fungi and treasures the incredibly important role they play in the health of the planet and for all of life. In her free time, she loves being with friends, hiking, snowboarding, wakesurfing, and being in nature.

Lisa Denney
Co-Founder, Director of Cultivation

Lisa has a special relationship with Cannabis and believes it is crucial for the health and well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. She is passionate about genetics and the emerging science surrounding Cannabis as medicine, food, fiber, and fuel. She is a fiery soul, creative thinker, observer and worker. Lisa helps with multiple aspects of the farm as the director of cultivation and genetics. She also writes much of the content for Ebb & Flow companies. Lisa’s formal education includes a MA in Holistic Health Education and a BS in Communications. She has also studied Permaculture Design and enjoys planning and creating gardens and landscapes. In her free time, she enjoys being active in nature, hiking, snow and water activities. She also loves learning about plant medicine, health, spirituality, food, Cannabis, the esoteric, and the earth and cosmos. She is a lifelong adorer of animals, plants, trees, and music.

Ayase Ra'yel Betel

Ayase has been with Ebb & Flow Farm since the early days. Hailing from the east coast, this Dominican-American woman followed the calls of her ancestral plant-loving roots to the farm.. “All I knew was that I wanted to pursue a career with plants. I left everything I had, everyone I knew and drove clear across the country.”  Ayase is a creative human who loves to make art, dance and perform the skills she acquired while working for a circus company. She nourishes her love of plants by volunteering at urban farms and organic vegetable gardens. Ayáse completed the Master Gardener program provided by Oregon State University where she was appointed head gardener for the Pollinator garden. As she continues her education, one of her goals is to further her knowledge of plant pathology and experiment with the relationship between plant health and sound waves. Ayase started out as a trimmer and has flowered beautifully into one of the main cultivators for Ebb & Flow Farm.

Mia Ferrell

Daniel Sun McClean