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  • Expertly cured, small batch, hand-trimmed flower from our 2017 fall harvest
  • Ultra clean littles selectively available
  • Extensive variety of all-flower prerolls

Quantum Kush #5

About this Cultivar
Quantum Kush is a 70/30 sativa dominant hybrid. Homegrown Natural Wonders originally produced this mix of Sweet Irish Kush and Timewreck, a combination that passes on a complex aroma that is both earthy and sweet. Quantum Kush provides clear-headed and relaxing effects with relief from depression, creative blocks, and improving motivation. The #5 phenotype is unique to Ebb & Flow Farm and is a star among the many seed phenotypes they have tested.
Harvest Date: 10/13/17
Potency: THC: 21.7% CBD: LOQ
Terpene Profile:  3.5% total terpenes
Cinnamon, Earthy, Orange, Herbal, Hops
b-Caryophyllene 8.2, Ocimene 7.7, Nerolidol 4.6, p-Isopropyltoluene 3.9, a-Humulene 3.3, Linalool 1.8, b-Myrcene 1.6, b-Pinene 1.6,  a-Pinene 1.4, Guaiol 0.5, Terpinolene 0.4
Nose: Strawberry, minty, sweet, earthy     Taste: Subtle and sweet fruity/minty taste
Mind: Uplifting, Creative, Motivating          Body: Relaxing while energizing

Bruce Banner #3

About this Cultivar
OG Kush x strawberry Diesel
Bruce Banner- As the name suggests-strong, energizing, sativa dominant, the strawberry diesel comes through in this pheno. A new Ebb & Flow team favorite. Euphoric, creative, and strong effect.
Harvest Date: 9/29/17
Potency: THC: 25.13% CBD: .05%
Terpene Profile:  2.3% total terpenes
Hops, Cinnamon, Orange, Pine, Earthy
b-Myrcene 10.3 b-Caryophyllene 2.6 Nerolidol 2.0 a-Pinene 1.9 Ocimene 1.7 a-Humulene 1.3 b-Pinene 1.2 Guaiol 0.7 -a-Bisabolol 0.7 Linalool 0.5
Nose: Sweet, berry, earthy, fuel        Taste: Sweet, berry, earthy, fuel
Mind:Stimulating                                 Body: Energizing then relaxing

White Cherry Truffle

About this Cultivar
Aficionado Seeds – 2012 Chemdawg Special Reserve x Cherry Lime #4 x Highland Afghani
The White Cherry has flavors of black cherries and white chocolate offset by a broad spectrum of candied lemon peels and jet-fuel. Expect an oily finish with lingering notes of paint thinner, rose petals, and cherry liquor.
Harvest Date: 9/25/17
Potency: THC: 19.9% CBD: .04%
Terpene Profile:  3.4% total terpenes
Hops, Pine, Cinnamon, Orange, Herbal, b-Myrcene
19.3 a-Pinene 2.8 b-Caryophyllene 2.8 Nerolidol 2.7 p-Isopropyltoluene 2.0 a-Humulene 0.9 b-Pinene 0.9 Ocimene 0.9 -a-Bisabolol 0.8 Linalool 0.6
Nose: Cherry, earthy, pungent          Taste: Sweet, pungent, fuel
Mind:Relaxed, creative                       Body: Relaxing

Black Fire

About this Cultivar
Wifi BX1 x Afghan Cultivar
Dense light green nugs, pungent, earthy fuel flavors, hints of mint
Harvest Date: 9/20/17
Potency: THC: 22.99% CBD: .05%
Terpene Profile:  2.43% total terpenes
Earthy, Orange, Cinnamon, Hops, Pine Ocimene 6.9 Nerolidol 4.8 b-Caryophyllene 3.5
b-Myrcene 2.1 a-Humulene 1.6 a-Pinene 1.3 Linalool 1.1 Guaiol 1.0 p-Isopropyltoluene 0.5 Bisabolol 0.5
Ocimene 0.9 -a-Bisabolol 0.8 Linalool 0.6
Nose: earthy, pungent, fuel                 Taste: pungent, fuel
Mind:Relaxed, creative, euphoric         Body: Relaxing

Strawberry Banana Split

About this Cultivar
Strawberry Banana x Banana Kush
Harvest Date: 9/20/17
Potency: THC: 20.65% CBD: .05%
Terpene Profile:  1.55% total terpenes
Turpentine, Hops, Cinnamon, Orange, Earthy
Terpinolene 2.7 Myrcene 2.6 Caryophyllene 2.5 Nerolidol 2.1 Humulene 1.2 Ocimene 1.2 Guaiol 0.9 s-Pinene 0.8 Linalool 0.6 Pinene 0.5
Bisabolol 0.4
Nose: Citrus, fuel                                        Taste: Citrus, sweet, fuel
Mind:Relaxed, peaceful, creative              Body: Relaxing

Night Tide

About this Cultivar
Phenotype of Mendo Purps x SFV OG
Indica dominant, best for evening. mental unwind, de-stress, appetite stimulant
Harvest Date: 9/22/17
Potency: THC: 20.47% CBD: .05%
Terpene Profile:  1.55% total terpenes
Turpentine, Hops, Cinnamon, Orange, Earthy
Terpinolene 2.7 b-Myrcene 2.6 b-Caryophyllene 2.5 Nerolidol 2.1 a-Humulene 1.2 Ocimene 1.2 Guaiol 0.9 a-Pinene 0.8 Linalool 0.6 b-Pinene 0.5
Bisabolol 0.4
Nose: Grape, pungent, citrus          Taste: Pungent, grape, fuel
Mind:Relaxed, Anti-anxiety             Body: Relaxing, Sleepy

Strawberry Banana

About this Cultivar
DNA Genetics Banana Kush x Bubble Gum
Indica Dominant, best for evening relaxation and creativity, watching a movie, or listening to music and letting the mind wander
Harvest Date: 10/3/17
Potency: THC: 18.25% CBD: .06%
Terpene Profile:  1.95% total terpenes
Hops, Pine, Cinnamon, Earth, Lavender b-Myrcene 5.8 a-Pinene 4.1 b-Caryophyllene 2.8 Ocimene 1.6 b-Pinene 1.4 Linalool 1.0 Isopropyltoluene 1.0 a-Humulene 0.9 Bisabolol 0.9
Nose: Fruity           Taste: Subtle Fruit, sweet
Mind:Happy, peaceful, creative                     Body: Relaxing

Coming Soon…

Tangerine Kush

About this Cultivar
Indica dominant hybrid.
From Leafly: (and we agree)
While the effects of this indica are particularly short-lasting, Tangerine Kush is potent with a quick onset. Providing consumers with a happy, body-heavy sensation, this strain is great for those looking for a lazy day at the beach. Tangerine Kush’s effects are felt more in the head than many other indicas. Upon first taste, consumers may feel uplifted and energized. After a few minutes, however, a heavy, lazy sensation kicks in. If you’re looking for a strain to help you relax, Tangerine Kush may be worth a try.

THC: 17-21 %CBD: 0.1%
Terpene Profile: Turpentine, Skunk, Cinnamon. Terpinolene
Nose: Citrus, fuel, pine, pepper                Taste: Orange/citrus, clean and slightly earthy
Mind: Clear, talkative then restful            Body: Relaxed


Viper Cookies

About this Cultivar
Indica Dominant
Viper City Og x Forum Cookies.  Good strong affect, nice fuel and cookies flavor, tasty og spice. Beautiful, crystal covered flowers. Good for evening relaxing, and creative activities. An Ebb & Flow Crew favorite.
THC: 19-25 % CBD: 0.1%
Terpene Profile: Spice, earthy, Pungent
Nose: Cookie Dough, spice, fuel     Taste: Spice, earthy, fuel
Mind: Creative, euphoric, dreamy        Body: Relaxed

Cosmic Temple 

About this Cultivar
Colorado Flo x Nevil’s Wreck  Bred by: Rare Dankness
Sativa Dominant
Childhood memories of lemonade, candy and snow cones rush in with one scent of this electric lemonade flavored gem! Highly Sativa and proud of it. This beautiful flower is great for daytime, energizing without overwhelm, strong lemon flavor.
THC: 17-20 % CBD: 0.1%
Terpene Profile: Turpentine, Orange, Spice, Fuel, Hops
Nose: Sweet Lemon, Fuel     Taste: Citrus, sweet, fuel
Mind: Happy, Stimulating, Euphoric      Body: Energizing while relaxed

GG #4

About this Cultivar
Sativa Dominant Hybrid
The real GG#4. Very strong terpenes, pungent fuel, delicious taste, its popular for a reason. The effects are strong, immediate and fun. Talkative, chaotic, elevated mind, energizing and relaxed body.  
THC: 21-25 % CBD: 0.1%
Terpene Profile: Earthy, pungent, pine, fuel
Nose:  Pine, fuel, pungent  Taste: Fuel, pungent, pine
Mind: Stimulating, euphoric, relaxing       Body: Relaxed


Goji DC #2

About this Cultivar
Goji Og x ACDC
CBD Hybrid
“The perfect blend of sedative effects combined with the anti-inflammatory relief of the CBD creates a true winner. Never sacrificing flavor for efficacy, this strain is a patients dream. Ratios can range from 2:1 to 1:1 with either cannabinoid being the dominant. This creates for wide array of complex treatment options”..
Our Goji DC #2 is intensely delightful with scents and flavors of strong berry, cherry and grape filling the nose when smelling. It is definitely one of the best and most delicious scented flowers in our collection!
THC: 5-6 % CBD: 10-12%
Terpene Profile: Hops, cinnamon, chamomile, lavender, orange
Nose:  Strong berry cherry fruit  Taste: Fruit, floral
Mind: Relaxing, creative      Body: Relaxed

White Water

About this Cultivar
Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Special phenotype of the popular favorite, Blue Dream
Sweet, clean, and delicious!  Frosty flowers to cheer you up, sativa dominant, talkative and social, fun laughs, relaxed body. Good medicine. A winner in any collection.  
THC: 18-23 % CBD: 0.1%
Terpene Profile: Hops, cinnamon, pine, lavender, chamomile
Nose: Sweet, berry, clean, earthy     Taste: Clean, spice, berry
Mind: Creative, uplifting, stimulating while relaxing       Body: Relaxed


About this Cultivar
Indica Dominant
Oh so yummy.. this is an amazing “bedtime snack”. Crystal, dense, mouth watering cookie nuggets are a go to for a tasty, extra sleepy, and sometimes psychedelic experience. A good night’s rest is assured.
THC: 21-25 % CBD: 0.1%
Terpene Profile: Cinnamon, orange, skunk, hops, lavender
Nose:  Spice, cookies, pungent  Taste: Spice, pungent
Mind: Relaxing, creative      Body: Relaxed, sleepy


Grape Inferno

 About this Cultivar
Indica Dominant Hybrid
From Leafly: Grape Inferno is a 70/30 indica-dominant strain bred by NorStar Genetics and propagated by TGA Genetics. A cross between Nepali OG and Querkle, Grape Inferno inherits a dense bud structure and a sweet grape aroma from which this strain gets its name. With flavorful undertones of hash and berries, Grape Inferno delivers a meditative and calming high that lets the body relax while the mind wanders. Its buds bloom in a colorful show of lavender, pink, red, and green. 
THC: 18-22 % CBD: 0.1%
Terpene Profile: Cherry, earthy, pungent, hashy
Nose:  Grape, berry, pungent  Taste: Grape, pungent
Mind: Calm, euphoric       Body: Relaxed